BLL7 BannerThis week I’ve got former colleague and current writing program director Sara Beam from the University of Tulsa here to talk about the ins and outs of partnerships between the library and other organizations, and about our specific collaboration the last few years developing a joint workshop series for senior capstone students.

I’m also excited to share my spotlight segment, in which I go off on a bit of a rant about why imposter syndrome is neither a syndrome or related to being an imposter. But I’m even more excited today because this is my LAST WEEKLY EPISODE. My blog post as usual for this launch series will be coming out on Thursday, and then after a week off, I’ll be starting my new content release schedule. Starting on September 6th, I’ll be releasing a podcast episode every other week, alternating with blog posts at Better Library I’ve enjoyed the everyday tools for library leaders series, and I hope I’ve introduced you to some nifty resources, but this new release schedule will let me really dig my teeth into some big-picture concepts and issues we all need to grapple with to become better library leaders. When you’re done listening,don’t forget to donate to the Feminist Library in London, which is trying to raise money for a new location for one of the most unique collections on feminism in the UK!

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