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Better Library Leaders is a podcast, blog, and Facebook community designed to explore the elements of great libraries and great library leaders.  Your host Dr. Sarah Clark (that’s me 🙂 ) has a PhD in Higher Education Leadership as well as an MLIS, and has worked in just about every job from front desk paraprofessional to associate library director.  I provide helpful tips, insightful interviews, and other resources that will help you make your career and your library the best they can be. It doesn’t matter if you’re Public, Academic, School, or Special–If you’re a librarian, Better Library Leaders is for you!

18116196652_aed433f588_kThe Truth about Library Leadership

It’s a challenging time to be a librarian, and an even harder time to be a library leader. On one hand, it seems like the people we serve are in desperate need of improved access to accurate information. And even if they can get the information they need, too many lack the information literacy skills they need to evaluate and apply that information effectively to their lives and the lives of others.

To make matters worse, this time of great need is also happening in a time of austerity for libraries and librarians. Budget cuts, paywalls. price increases, and indifferent stakeholders are becoming more the rule than the exception. I don’t need to list all of our struggles, you probably live them every day.

Fortunately, although our profession faces some hard problems, they are not impossible. The solution for librarians, as always, will be found a combination of practical leadership knowledge, a community of smart and passionate professionals ready to collaborate, and a healthy dose of optimism and humor. Guess what? You’ve landed in a place that will provide all of those things.

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